Pet Sitting Services


Have you ever felt bad dropping your dog off in a kennel so you can go away for the weekend or leave on vacation? Does having multiple pets complicate your ability to leave at all? We have your answer! Our pet sitting services happen in your home to remove the stress of a kennel environment. We come in and make sure your pets have everything they need: food, water, and yes, even attention and petting. All the while that you are gone, your pets are safe at home, where they are comfortable.

As pet sitters, we come to your home one or more times per day each day that you are gone in order to attend to your pets' needs. It's as simple as that.


All new pet-sitting clients will receive one free 30-minute consultation before the beginning of their first pet sitting session. During this first session we will go over all your needs and fill out the necessary forms. At this time clients are required to make a deposit of 15% of their total or estimated service amount to book their spot.

Pet-sitting is charged by the number of animals, or by the amount of time involved. However, you may rest easy knowing that up to three dogs, or six cats are covered in our basic prices. We also have a hobby farm pricing scale available that is based only on time, not on the number of animals. Click here for our fee schedule.

These are just some of the basic services that are automatically covered:

Litter Box Cleaning
Mess Cleanup
Fish Feeding

Pet-sitting also includes: Mail and newspaper retrieval, some plant watering, bird feeding, turning on/off lights, and other household needs as required.

If you have a vacation coming up, call us to see if our professional pet sitting, in your home, is the right choice for you.

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