Rogues and Rascals Dog Training


Dogs are always learning. What they are learning, good or bad, depends on us. Rogues and Rascals Dog Training uses the kindest, most effective methods available and will teach you the skills you need to turn your dog into the best pet you ever had.

Traditional training relies on the “might makes right” approach. That approach is a very poor choice for families because, while it might work for Dad, a child could get bitten when he tries it. Reward-based training works on the principle that says behavior that is rewarded will be repeated. Reward-based training improves the bond you have with your dog and the whole family can join in. Your dog will think it is lots of fun, too!

Rogues and Rascals Dog Training was founded by Janey Shaddrick to help teach people how to manage their dog’s behavior, eliminating the behavior they don’t want and encouraging the behavior that they do want. We do not use or condone fear and force-based training methods, including prong collars and choke chains. If it has been a while since you’ve trained a dog, you’re going to like how dog training has evolved!

General Information about Rogues and Rascals

Rogues and Rascals serves Chisago, Isanti and northern Washington counties by offering dog training in the city of North Branch just north of the Twin Cities area.

Come visit and see what we are all about. Training and class information is located on the Classes page. Pet sitting services and pricing is located on the Pet Sitting page.

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